Whether we’re building on WordPress or doing custom development with Laravel, you can be sure it’s rock solid.


While we all know that fast things are just inherently cool, it’s especially important for your website usability and SEO. Speedy webpages let impatient visitors (read: all visitors) get the information they want pronto, so they’re less likely to abandon your site and more likely to convert. Page speed is also a ranking factor on Google and other search engines.

Our sites are fast because we write our own code, rather than rely on unnecessarily bulky plugins. After building dozens of complex WordPress sites, we can make it do tricks it didn’t even know it could do!

All this has the added benefit of providing the exact features you need. We also offer tailored hosting and maintenance that keeps everything running smoothly.


This can get technical, so for those of you want to skip ahead just know this: we’re freaks about security. We don’t battle hackers, we keep them off our sites. You are safe with us.

Now for the more technical. There many things we do to keep secure; here are a few:

  • Small attack surface – by minimizing the number of plugins we use, we greatly decrease the opportunities for hackers to enter the site
  • Sound environment – We make recommendations on secure hosting environments, or we host the site ourselves
  • Site maintenance – We provide maintenance plans to keep all code up to date with security patches as they are released
  • Staying informed – We know as soon as vulnerabilities are exposed
  • Keeping our clients informed – This includes best practices on password selection, updating passwords, and two-factor security

Now, stop worrying about all that and enjoy this teddy bear for a minute. There, that’s better.


You might be surprised to hear this, but we think quality development is more than creating fast and secure code. To us, quality means more than just accomplishing what the design calls for. Here’s our checklist:

  • Stable – Changes can be made to features
  • Flexible – Changes can be made to one section with low risk of effecting others. This is done with segmentation and minimizing code dependencies.
  • Maintainable – Low effort to make software and plugin updates
  • Cross-browser compliant – Should function the same or similarly across major browsers

Our Process

Great development starts in the design phase, where it’s critical that the design takes into account all implied interaction between the site, the user, and the device.

Second, our clearly written technical specifications cover the front end features and the site administration, leaving no features to chance.

Third, during the actual development we have a constant line of communication between the developer and strategist, squashing problems if and as they arrive.

And finally, we show the final product. It’s pretty, it’s speedy, it solid, it’s effective. It’s what you need to grow your business.

Hey, you left out ____!

Yes, yes we did. There are a lot of technical details in website development that don’t fit here, but trust us; we know our stuff. Or, call and give us a quiz, it’ll be fun: 503 489 8819