John DursoProject Manager

The collector of the collective. With an electrical engineering degree that he has not used a day in his life, John is still fond of circuits but likes building on a larger scale.

Dan SweetLead Designer

Dan is trained in both old school printmaking and new school design. Like a true northwesterner, he’s into homebrews, grilling fine meats, and strategy board games.

Erin LeonardLead Designer

We think the word “polymath” applies here. In addition to awesome design and code, Erin is in the Portland music scene, hosts a radio show, and brews his own beer. Whew!

Matt PahlerLead Designer

Born in Santiago and raised in the States, Matt has slowly made his way up to Portland, collecting an advertising degree along the way. Matt carries his experience with him and it shows in his work.

Will PhillipsUX/UI Design

When not reading geeky fantasy novels or embarking upon impromptu road trips, Will wades through the big picture strategy questions to deliver the structural and visual foundation of a successful website.

Noah StolmakerHeavy Dev

A development guru with over a decade of experience building websites big and small, Noah is a life-long globe traveler, a mediocre musician and seasonal outdoorsman.