• John Durso

    The collector of the Crosshatch Creative collective. With an electrical engineering degree that he has not used a day in his life, John is still fond of circuits but likes building on a larger scale.

  • Jason Crawford

    Jason is a traveler and a coder. Originally from LA, he is currently living as a digital nomad in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. He loves in no particular order: PHP, rock climbing, Laravel, living off of bicycles, and complicated code stuff.

    He will eventually get around to writing this bio and uploading a better pic, he pinky swears.

  • Joshua Rich

    Since he built his first web site in 1993, Josh has gained over 20 years’ of web, user interface and graphic design experience. He loves his main job: fulfilling business communication needs with elegant visual design. He’s served as lead design and project management for corporate identities in a wide array of industries.

    He’s also a father, a board member of PHC NorthWest, and a runner.

  • Becca Ward

    Becca is a creative at heart and is passionate about design, color and typography. Her specialties include Interactive/UX design, Graphic Design and Illustration. With over ten years of agency experience, her client background has ranged from working with small startups that need great design on a budget to working with high profile brands that have strict brand guidelines.

    In her off-time, Becca gets away from the computer to enjoy traditional methods of drawing and painting. She is a bit of a sketchbook addict and is often seen filling in a page or two at local coffee shops. She also loves to get outside when it’s not raining to camp, hike, rock climb, and slack-line.