How we view Non Profit Web Design

Non profit design and digital marketing is an interesting and unique animal, one that we are quite fond of working with. As mentioned above, no matter how specific the offering, an effective non-profit website must successfully communicate with each of the following audiences:

  • The people to whom the company offering is directed
  • Donors who support the service
  • Sponsors who support the service and also want recognition for their support

This is no easy task, as the groups are often distinct. Throw in the often needed educational piece and if you are not careful you can have a mess on your hands pretty quickly.

One of strong suites is content strategy, and this is exactly where it comes into play. Before we start any wireframes or design, we clearly map where each group will enter the site, where they will want to go, and what we want them to do. Specific consideration must be given to:

  • The display of sponsors
  • The donation call-to-action and placement
  • Offering education

Of course, every non-profit has unique challenges – that’s part of the fun!

How we Help

Tell Your Story

People love stories – to hear them, to tell them, but most of all to be a part of them. If you’re doing great work, you have great stories. When we build sites that engage visitors in your work, visitors cease being your audience and become your advocates.

Speak to Distinct Demographics

How do you simultaneously reach target consumers, donors, sponsors, and others? We use a “separate and communicate” method that helps you speak to all your audiences with more targeted – and therefor more effective – content.

Grow Funding

Tired of struggling in the never-ending quest for resources? Sponsors, donors, and volunteers are more likely to engage with websites that build trust that their money & time will be well utilized. We do this through great design and smooth user interaction.

Expand your Reach

You have the voice, we build the amplifier. We take your message to the masses by setting up social profiles and providing training on effective practices. We also provide social media complete management and content creation alongside our non profit web design, depending on your needs.

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