The Right Partner

We’ve been creating construction web design since we began, back in 2012. Not only are we a member of the Home Builders Association of Portland, they are one of our best clients. By connecting directly with hundreds of business owners and marketers in the construction industry – some clients and some not – we’ve built a deep understanding of the opportunities and challenges facing them, and we are able to put that to work in our designs.

The Bottom Line in Construction Web Design

In this industry the bottom line is, well, the bottom line. Putting up a site that just looks pretty isn’t going to cut it – the design must be intelligent enough to close sales. Here are some specifics to consider when targeting the construction consumer and how they might affect design:

  • Project size – the larger and more complex your projects, the longer the sales cycle will be. Potential customers will likely want to see more information and work examples before contacting you.
  • Portfolio depth – If you have a small number of pieces, consider fleshing out the story and making each a case study. If you have a large number, consider a uniquely designed showcase section and select only your best projects.
  • Your expertise – The more focused you can be, the more focused and compelling the site message will be.

Our team includes specialists in information architecture, illustration, interactive design, and custom development – in other words, whatever you needs are, we’ve got you covered.

What We Do

Show off your work

You’ve put in the effort, now show the world. We create custom past work showcases that highlight the strengths of your portfolio and are instrumental ingetting new business.

Differentiate Yourself

Don’t be seen as a commodity. After we help you form messaging and create astriking custom design there will be no doubt why you’re miles ahead of the competition.

Build Trust

How do you create a site that visitors decide they trust within 50 milliseconds? You hire a company that understands web psychology and analytics to a crazy degree. (That’s us)

Generate Leads

The end goal, of course – driving business. Our sites use compelling calls-to-action to pull users from site entry to a state of greed that will have your inbox full of people who want to work with you.

Your website should be much more than a brochure, it should be a marketing machine. Let us know how we can create one of these machines for your business.

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