Google’s Impending Mobile Algorithm Update: What You Need to Know

responsive design memeTime is running out: Google’s mobile algorithm update hits in t minus 20 days (April 21st) and if your site is not responsive, you need to act. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place to learn everything you need to know, including:

  • What the update is and why Google is rolling it out
  • The extent of the update
  • What you need to do about it

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Google Drive Sparkline Awesomeness Tutorial

SPARKLINE Chart examplesI just fell a little deeper in love with Google Drive. I’m a numbers and visualization geek, and they just released new feature called SPARKLINE in Google Sheets that allows you to embed graphs right into cells. They didn’t do this halfway, either – there are all sorts of customization options. Here I’m going to show you the types of graphs offered and how to use the SPARKLINE function using the bar graph, and then explain briefly about the other types. I’ll also link to the specs on Google’s site so you can dig deeper if you want to.

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