We take care of everything, you get more sleep.

Just like anything valuable, websites need to be kept in a safe place, and they need to be maintained. We’ve built a robust and secure platform based on Rackspace’s award winning cloud hosting coupled with skilled system administration. Though we do not bill ourselves as a hosting company per se, our ethos still stands: when we do something, we do it well.


Our service runs on Rackspace’s cloud, where we run several different servers for live sites and our staging environment. Our set up allows us to:

  • Scale up as needed
  • Switch to an always-ready clone of our live servers in the case of any issues, which are themselves exceedingly rare
  • Effectively test sites before launch. Because our live servers match our staging servers exactly, we know that going live will not impact any underlying structure the site is relying on, minimizing any glitches post-launch.


All software needs to be maintained, whether it’s on your computer or on the web. For most of our sites, this means installing updates to WordPress and any plugins as well as adjusting for compatibility with new browser versions as they are released. For our custom Laravel based sites, this might be updating PHP libraries, MySQL, and other elements on the LAMP stack.

Updates are released for a variety of reasons, the most important of which is security. While we have a regular schedule for most updates, we keep tabs on security updates and implement those immediately so that our sites have minimal exposure to risk.

Who is this for?

We only host and maintain sites that we build. This allows us to make sure the sites, and therefore our servers, are secure.

If you have specific requirements or questions about hosting or maintenance, we’re happy to talk about it. Give us a call at 503.489.8819 or contact us here.